Welcome to my online boutique!


After graduated with a Bachelor of Economics at Bilkent, I moved to Istanbul to pursue my career in finance and which turned out to be successful and still working for an international investment company and living in this beautiful city.


Designing and painting is my yoga!


This site was inspired by my desire is to impact and represent these brave, powerful, all-around amazing women all over the world.

Fashion should be accessible to all shape and sizes and this is the unique concept is the revolution that I hope to achieve with this new entrepreneur I embarked to.

 It’s simply started as a hobby designing, wearing and modeling my pieces so that everything you purchase will be worn as  personal experience and a worm hug form me.


This is not an ordinary clothing label, in fact there is no label. Each handmade piece is individually created with several combined technics by me with love and care. No two pieces are the same and there is one of each design, so once the piece you fancied is gone, it’s gone forever. However custom made is available, let the design speak for you!


Every woman should feel classy, sexy and special. You are at the right place for this experience, enjoy!




For advertising enquiries please contact us via info@valeygirl.com
For any personal messages, please send your email to info@valeygirl.com

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